Information is very important for modern society and in life of each individual. Information helps individuals to understand what’s going on, to form own point of view, to make personal design according to own plans and conditions. Actions and behavior of person is the result of understanding and analyzing of information which person has.

The key to success is not only in having wright information but also in ability to use it. Information culture is the most important aspect in relation between human and information.

The conditions of modern life put person in difficult situation. Residents can’t understand important for them aspects ofUkrainian low and governmental structures. Individuals can’t understand which duties government puts on them and what rights gives guarantees. That’s why informational work with residents is foundational part of public organization «Ukrainians Unite».

Our organization can help and support each person in need. We are coworkers with other social institutes in region. We can inform and assist you in dialogue with governmental organizations.